Monday, 3 January 2011

The 2011 List

Its a new year and that means New Years resolutions! One of mine is to be even stricter with what I buy this year. That is why I am trying to limit myself to (roughly) buying only 10 items. Having looked back at what I bought last year, I realised I still managed to waste money on temporary items, when I really could have saved that money and put it towards something I love. Towards the end of the year I certainly got better, and I feel buying just a couple of really great things (like my Isabel Marant boots) has totally revolutionized my look.

1. Acne 'Flex' jeans

2. Isabel Marant jacket

3. Chanel flats

4. Some kind of knit

5. Going out dress

6. Perfect boots

7. Black l/s dress

8. White shirt

9. Stripey

10. tbd

This list is a mixture of things I have always wanted, and things I always wear but want to upgrade. I will allow my self to deviate from the items, but I can't exceed 10 purchases.

Items 4-6 are ones I constantly search for but cannot find the right ones, so no pictures :(

Does anyone have any style resolutions?


  1. I've resolved 1) to choose jackets over sweaters, 2) to add a few wide belts to my accessories stash, and 3) to add a range of DVF items to my wardrobe!

    Clearly, I'll be buying more than 10 pieces. :)

    Love your list! xo

  2. simple basic list...that i could buy over and over again...;))

  3. Great list! Where is that black dress from? It looks perfect. I'd love to be able to just buy 10 items in a year, but my style resolution for this year isn't quite that brave. I have said to myself that I won't buy anything from the highstreet shops H&M, Gina Tricot and Monki (all Swedish highstreet). I'm still "allowed" to buy things from Zara and Topshop because I find that the quality and design are better there. This will hopefully result in more money to spend on things I will actually love and adore for years (instead of months). And I will try to go with the "4-5 piece French wardrobe" method, but maybe buy six items per season instead.

    I will also be working on only buying things that I feel comfortable in and that I feel suits my style. To not buy things just because I find them to look good on others (but look awful on me) and end up hanging in my wardrobe, being pretty things to look at.

    Hope you'll be able to stick to the 10 items :)

  4. I think the "4-5 pieces wardrobe" concept doesn't include basics(T's, undergarments, socks... ) and accessories. I'll try to stick to buying no more than 10 statement pieces myself for the coming 6 months. During the winter sales, I got myself a classic cashmere/wool black coat and a lamb leather jacket. These two will count in the list, so 8 more to go.

    In the past year, I was pretty disappointed by the quality of Topshop purchases, so I'll try to stay away (meaning their online store).
    My weak point lies at COS. Perfect store in style, philosophy, collection and price range. Very tempting to buy every time I walk in.

  5. I love your list, the chanel flats are so worth it..
    I've decided to not allow myself to buy anything new until I have sold everything that I don't want. The other one is to buy things that suit my style and taste, I had a bad year in 2010 for buying things that didn't suit my style and life because I was unsure of myself..sounds really strange but it was very bad for my wallet... also to get some decent outerwear.

  6. "This list is a mixture of things I have always wanted, and things I always wear but want to upgrade."

    Great summary of what I should keep in mind when it comes to shopping.

    This year, I want a good, grown-up watch, and a smaller bag that goes from day to night.

    I want to stop buying cute but needless things.

    And I'd like to upgrade some of my basics.

    I love the Chanel flats, and they're on my wishlist too, but I have never tried a pair of shoes over $500 that made me feel like they were worth the money. Maybe they will be the exception.

  7. Love your list - it encompasses all the basics (and things I need to be on the prowl for). I think I might have to steal your idea and limit myself to just 10 (or 15) new pieces this year!

    My style resolutions: check off all the basics, to embrace minimalism, and invest in quality, not quantity. And find a great leather bag + clutch !

    Happy new year! Your blog is a favorite of mine (:

  8. Oooh what a great idea {and personal list!}. I'm thinking I really need to follow suit and create my own list especially since I tend to create a mental list of much needed closet items and then completely veer from it and fill my closet with more, while still loved, not entirely necessary items.


  9. your list consists of some wonderful pieces, especially those chanel flats! if only they were a tad less expensive...

    I haven't really gotten around to making style resolutions, I'm pretty happy with the way things are going right now there's no real rush to 'change' things

  10. Thanks for all your comments :-)

    Cecilia - The dress is from The Row, so despite being perfect, I won't be buying it any time soon!

    a bit coquettish - Thank you! Happy New Year to you too.

  11. Loving these style resolutions. My first one for 2011 is to do a thorough wardrobe cull and edit out all the things I never wear and put them on Ebay. I'm not allowed to buy a single new thing until I've done that. Also with that money (and a bit of saving!) to attempt to buy a few really loving items that will last. However like Vegalyn..Zara and Cos ALWAYS lure me in and I will have to detox from my Topshop habit!x

  12. I'm going for 20 items this year. (Getting the number from 5 pieces per season) I'm going for statement or less of a chance to find again pieces. I've left some spots blank, because it is only January, in case I come across something AMAZING or I find upgrades or replacement pieces.

  13. I'm planning on getting flats but I haven't decided if I wanted Chanel or Repetto... also, a silk opaque white shirt, and a short sleeved little black dress.

  14. Such a good list! I have to get my act together and do my own soon .. there are just too many things I want to buy! I'd love a good white shirt and a classic LBD! I can't wait to see how your purchases will come along xx

  15. I really like the idea of making a good list of basics and sticking to it. I am also attempting and have posted a few entries on my blog regarding this matter. :) A.P.C always does great basics that last forever.

  16. I have Chanel flats, and as much as I love them they are quite uncomfortable and can only really be worn in dry weather - which is London is never!

    I adore you blog, I'm following!


  17. For some inexplicable reason I have only just discovered your blog! I've been doing that thing where you work your way through every single post a blogger has ever done on their blog and been enjoying it hugely. We seem to have very similar tastes and clothing wish lists! I cannot stop thinking about those Chanel two-tone ballet flats and the hunt for the ideal bouclé jacket is never ending. I'll look forward to your future posts! Olivia xx