Sunday, 24 April 2011


Finally the answer to the questions!

1. What are your favourite books, movies and bands?
Books - The Virgin Suicides and Pride & Prejudice. I also love Michael Palin's travel books.
Movies - Edward Scissorhands, The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation, The Social Network, The Dark Knight.
Bands - The Strokes, Phoenix, Air, MGMT

2. What do you study? (if your a student) or what do you do?
I am done studying (finally!) and I work for a travel company.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

The List: Recap

Back at the beginning of the year I resolved to only buy 10 things in 2011. Even by my meagre buying standards I assumed this would be a challenge. Turns out its not at all! I made THIS list and I have been faithful to it. In 4 months I have ticked 2 items off, but given the nature of the items this is not at all bad going.

First I bought the boucle jacket. Ignore this dreadful picture, I swear one day I will take one with me wearing it. The material is light but with form, the shoulder pads provide structure without being horribly retro and the sleeves are that perfect -just hitting the wrist bone- length.
And most recently (in fact so recent I haven't even worn them yet...) the holy grail of ballet flats. I have dreamed of these shoes for years and they are finally mine! I feel now I have pretty much all the shoes I have ever lusted over so I really need to lay focus on clothes!
While it feels great to have made such major progress there are a couple of problems. I have two amazing, life long items. But I still don't need things like jeans that I feel comfortable in and I think look good. This is such an eternal struggle for me!

Also, I will be honest. I have bought underwear (but I don't think this counts for the list). Thats just a necessecity. Also I bought Liberty x Nike dunks. For anyone who has followed this blog for any more than a second, it will be quite clear that the idea of these trainers is about a million times removed from my normal style. I dont know what it is but theres something about them that really appeals to me. Besides, its nice to occaisionally have super comfortable sneakers for those days where you don't want to make too much effort. They are still very cute and pretty so don't judge this indiscretion too harshly! Also I'm not counting them as part of the list because they are replacing my Keds (one in, one out) and are just for when my feet need a rest. Does this count as cheating in your eyes? Given I can't find any of the things on my list, I could probably include the trainers and underwear and still get through the year with under 10!!

I know a couple of my readers mentioned doing a similar exercise. How are you finding it?