Thursday, 30 September 2010

en Belgique

The travel gods have been good to me again (but bad to my blog). Here are some pictures from my recent trip to Belgium. I promise a good post with actual words this weekend!


Saturday, 18 September 2010

Gluttony in London

The most random of posts, I apologize. I have been so busy lately and today was the first time I have done anything at the weekend. I decided to check out Aime in Notting Hill - the premiere destination for French labels. There was so much nice Isabel Marant and APC stuff, but nothing I HAD to have. This was pretty much the story everywhere I went so I consoled myself with all things sugary. Whoever says London doesn't know good food.....

First was a cookie.
Then a Selfridges food hall crepe. Yeah....they don't exactly skimp on the Nutella!
And finally, another picture of pretty coloured buildings.
I am at an annoying point clothes wise - I really need some new things, I have money to buy clothes, but I can't find anything in stores! There are a few things I have seen online - ideally I'd like to try before I buy but needs must!

I did manage to get a chic Longchamp travel bag - very cute and useful, I will take some pictures soon.

As I am so uninspired and have been such a bad blogger, I'm letting anyone still reading my blog decide what I blog about next. Lets hear it!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Perfection in Outfit Form

Need a boucle jacket stat! Does anyone with an encyclopedic knowledge of the Isabel Marant stock know if there are any at the moment?

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Visualizing the List

So I created the list but it I always find it useful to have a picture of everything I'm looking for. Seriously, what did we do before net-a-porter? The new APC arrivals are absolutely perfect. I would love one of these merino sweaters, the only problem is that they are dry clean only because they have suede elbow patches. I want to limit myself to buying 5 key items for winter and I think these will be:
  1. sweater
  2. mid blue skinny jeans
  3. coat (maybe this APC duffel coat) or a Barbour Bedale - I know these can look either hipstery or too countrified for the city but I have seen it worn very chicly, plus it would be very useful for rainy London
  4. ankle boots
  5. Black Joseph skirt
There is room for manoevure with these but I think that should be enough to see me through the winter. Now I just need to find everything....

In other exciting news I finally bought my first lipstick (I know, I know!) I got Chanel Rouge Coco 'Paris' so pretty and deep berry colour. I think it will be good for both day and night.

I promise actual outfit posts soon, though it will be summery looks from my recent holiday.

Friday, 10 September 2010


Sorry for being an awful blogger lately, I promise more posts this weekend. But for now just one picture, courtest of lj_noirfacade.