Friday, 30 April 2010


I just love this makeup. It looks so simple but I am totally inept when it comes to make-up.

Thursday, 29 April 2010


I feel I have to spread the word about a brilliant skincare line called 'Madara' which originates from Latvia. For reasons best kept to myself, I am somewhat obsessed by the country, and so when I read about the brand in the Wallpaper guide for Riga, I had to try it out. I have life long skin problems so it is very difficult for me to buy any skincare that doesn't irritate or sting, so I try to always use products that are as natural as possible. Madara fits the bill completely!
A little summary from the website HERE
"The very heart of MADARA products - the active ingredients - is flowers and herbs from the Baltic meadows and forests. The natural environment in the Baltic region is unique because the northern summers are much shorter, leaving flowers with a much shorter time to attract bees for pollination. Plants are compelled to concentrate their blossoming vigour in this short blossoming time. As a result, at the time of harvest they are rich with the active ingredients required to survive in bitter climates."

This description really appeals to me. I find it hard
to understand why people are willing to pay a lot of money for products that contain chemicals, so organic and natural is the way I go. So far I only have the foaming cleanser. It is suitable for all skin types and smells lovely and fresh. I have tried samples of the deep moisture cream and the tinted moistuizer and I love both, but I will definitely get the moisturizer.

I don't wear any makeup so I think it is important to make the most of my skin, and Madara certainly helps.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010


While I am not always keen on Louis Vuitton adverts, their catalogues always hit the mark. The styling is well executed and not at all brash or in your face. LV will always be about monograms but these pictures show you that it can be done in an understated way. Magdalena Frackowiak looks amazing with this makeup.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Risaku Suzuki

How beautiful are these photos? I came across the artist through a magazine article about Sofia Coppola, who has one of these photos on her wall. I just love cherry blossom, they have the power to make even the ugliest street into something beautiful. I like this extract from the site I got the photos from:

"The impressive blooming of the trees after winter symbolizes hope and strength, but as the petals fall, one is reminded of the fragility of beauty and life itself. Suzuki's painterly photographs evoke the sensation of passing time within the permanence of the photographic frame. Suzuki captures the trees without a context or narrative, grasping the physical structure as the essence of the symbolism. The viewer is engaged with a place beyond the visible."

Chanel 02

I may be alone in this but I love Chanel ads. This is from 2002, and the outfit is just as relevant today as it was 8 years ago.

Scanned by: Mojopin (tfs)

Sunday, 25 April 2010


You would have thought that something as simple as a white blouse would be easy to find, but for some reason, it's impossible. This 'the Row' shirt posted on Jak & Jil is as close to perfection as a white blouse can get to.
But I was pleased to see this Zara version in their May lookbook. Wonder what the odds are of actually finding one are!
So my question is, am I the only person who finds the basics hardest to actually find? It seems like many brands feel the need to add some extra detail, when all I want is a plain white shirt. Or maybe I am just too fussy!

Friday, 23 April 2010

London 3

I had a very welcome break from studying yesterday and needed to be in London early so I decided to spend the afternoon doing what I love, shopping and eating! First stop was Covent Garden which has the best COS. It's huge so you get a good selection, and the top floor has mostly mens and some women's party clothes, with sofas so it almost feels like shopping at home. There were loads of great pieces, I came in looking for a skirt...and came out with a long sleeve tee. Typical! It's really nice though, and as much as I need trousers/skirts, I also need tees. Somehow I only have 3 and one has loads of wholes in and the other 2 have shrunk. I really like how this one is really long in the body, is made of light material, and there is no hem on the body - it makes it quite Rick Owens-esque.
And I finally got some Wolford tights! I know warm weather is upon us, but again - my tights all have wholes and I've been promising to buy these for so long. They get such rave reviews so I hope they are worth the money.
Finally I had a lunch stop at Ed's Easy Diner in Soho. I had a chocolate milkshake, chicken and fries. The fries have changed and were a little disappointing but the rest was delicious. The prices are good and the service is also very fast.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


One of my other passions is drawing, and one time I got so bored that I drew the only inspiring things I had to hand - fashion magazines. Here are the beginnings of a sketch of the cover of a Russia Vogue from last year with Snejana Onopka.

Rouge Coco

These beautiful shots were taken for the new Chanel lipsticks 'Rouge Coco'. Seems as though all you need to have fun is long straight hair, some Chanel dresses and lipstick and you're set. And I'd have to agree - wish my life was like that! If you want to see the video for the making of these ads (it's worth a watch), click HERE

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


I am only just realising how amazing this silhouette is, and how I think it would work for me. A fitted top (certainly not as tight as the one in the first image) and an a-line skirt - so simple. The skirt hitting mid waist would totally eliminate any evidence of my problem areas. Why didn't I come to this realization a long time ago!? Now...I just need to find one...easier said than done.


Monday, 19 April 2010

Changing Styles

I am going through a period of not having any clue what direction my style is going in, which is incredibly frustrating! Recently I have been trying to go for a more relaxed and casual look by wearing looser, rolled cuff chinos etc as opposed to skinny jeans, but I'm beginning to think that maybe it just doesn't work for me. The kind of outfits I always feel comfortable and think I look good in are when I'm wearing black tights, a mini skirt, either a tee or a shirt and a coat. I guess it is pretty obvious that I should stick to this look if I feel my best in it, and maybe I should go back to that. I've been trying to gather some images that inspire me, and I think these fit the bill:
Firstly I can't say I would mind have such beautiful hair. No matter what Im wearing, if I think my hair looks horrible, I won't feel good.
For tops I think I want either slightly loose linen tees or blue or white shirts, preferably Ralph Lauren.
My biggest fashion dilemma is trousers! Do you think it is possible to have a wardrobe that doesn't have jeans in? You can easily get away with wearing the same jeans everyday, but do people notice more if you wear the same skirt repeatedly? I love the look of these black pants but I'm certain my legs wouldn't look this good, and I always worry about becoming too attached to black trouser when they are going to end up all faded eventually. So, really I need a nice black mini skirt and a couple of pairs of Wolford tights. I've been saying I need them for ages but I need to finally get round to buying them!
I already have one pair of French Sole (black leather with patent toe) and they surprisingly have worn quite well, so I wouldn't hesitate to buy another pair. I love the look of metallic shoes, silver and gold can be just as much of a staple/basic as black.
Besides flats, I of course need to stick to boots, they instantly make me feel good.
/tfs scanned by 1karina1/creaturesofcomfort/newscom/french sole/?/

Basically I think the most appropriate style - the one thats most 'me' is one that is more on the prim and proper side. Slightly fitted shirts, skinny trousers or shorter skirts, neat ballet flats or ankle boots, and very importantly - a beautiful coat/blazer or jacket.

So - how did you decide on the style that suits you best? Do you think you should just stick to one kind of a look, or is it ok to experiment?

Saturday, 17 April 2010

London 2

I have had such a great time today out in London, and enjoyed the most beautiful day of the year so far. The day started with a trip to Aubaine which is a French restaurant in South Kensington. I've been twice before and everytime it has been amazing! We had a great spot to people watch, there were so many well dressed people walking around, way too many nice handbags, which made me incredibly jealous!
The restaurant is decorated beautifully, very typically French.
I went for the onion soup, which is the first time I've ever had it. It tasted very nice but I couldn't finish it. The promise of a pastry made me restrain myself!
After being presented with a slate block full of mouth watering pastries, I decided on an eclair for the second time in a row. It is absolutely the best eclair I've ever had, so full of a chocolate custard on the inside.
Afterwards there was a trip to the Conran Shop and King's Road to enjoy the sun.
I had to take a picture of these houses, the colours are so pretty.
This trip reinforced one thing for me - I have to have a Celine bag! I saw them in person for the first time and the totes are so wonderfully classic.

Thursday, 15 April 2010


I have such an obsession with macarons, so much so that I have started to collect Laduree boxes. Its a pretty expensive (although delicious) habit, but these boxes are so beautiful that they can double up as decorative pieces.
The plates and cups used in the restaurant are adorable, I wish you could buy them. This picture was taken in the rue Bonaparte Laduree in Paris. I highly recommend the eclairs, I also have had a little creme patisserie tart with raspberries on top - to die for.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Americans in Paris

This editorial from US Vogue is so beautiful, the styling is perfection. Daria looks just like Jane Birkin.