Sunday, 23 January 2011


There are some items on your wishlist which you crave but you kind of accept that you will never find 'the one'. I have wanted a fitted boucle jacket for quite a while but I find it so hard to find a quality jacket that actually fits me properly. So I had no expectations when I want shopping that I would actually find one! Waiting for me in Libertys was this Isabel Marant Etoile 'Gary' jacket. I promise to take some of my own pictures soon.

The shoulder pads scared me at first, I normally would avoid them like the plague, but actually they are fairly subtle, and just help to give a bit of structure.
I like how this jacket can be so versatile. It will look good with jeans, skirts, trousers, shorts, for summer and for winter. Perfect! Although Isabel Marant is never feels liberating to have bought one amazing thing. And although it inspires me to complete my resolution of buying 10 amazing items, this one buy has really satisfied me, and doesn't make me want to go out and buy a load of other things. I think thats the key to every purchase, it should satisfy you.

Monday, 3 January 2011

The 2011 List

Its a new year and that means New Years resolutions! One of mine is to be even stricter with what I buy this year. That is why I am trying to limit myself to (roughly) buying only 10 items. Having looked back at what I bought last year, I realised I still managed to waste money on temporary items, when I really could have saved that money and put it towards something I love. Towards the end of the year I certainly got better, and I feel buying just a couple of really great things (like my Isabel Marant boots) has totally revolutionized my look.

1. Acne 'Flex' jeans

2. Isabel Marant jacket

3. Chanel flats

4. Some kind of knit

5. Going out dress

6. Perfect boots

7. Black l/s dress

8. White shirt

9. Stripey

10. tbd

This list is a mixture of things I have always wanted, and things I always wear but want to upgrade. I will allow my self to deviate from the items, but I can't exceed 10 purchases.

Items 4-6 are ones I constantly search for but cannot find the right ones, so no pictures :(

Does anyone have any style resolutions?