Friday, 29 October 2010

How I Want to Look

I absolutely love the images from the Isabel Marant lookbook (no surprise there really). I have this unwritten rule that the fewer actual pieces of clothing I wear, the better an outfit looks. By that I don't mean I go out in tiny shorts and tank tops, but that I just cannot make the layering look work for me. It always looks bulky, so I much prefer a few sleek pieces.

I really didn't like these IM heels before but now I'm mad for them. I would love a simple black heel to add an understated sophistication to an outfit. I feel that my wardrobe is starting to head in the right direction now. I managed to get a lovely peacoat from COS and well as some flat ankle boots. Every winter I struggle to find these essential items, yet this year I managed to buy them both in one go. I will post pictures soon. I love how a coat and a boots complete every outfit.

So next I need to find a few more jumpers, a basic black dress, a mini skirt and jeans - why is it impossible to find skinny jeans in a mid blue wash!? I think the IM booties might be my next purchase though. As with the other things I've bought recently they have been on my list for so long, I should just get them. I know I won't regret it. Watch this space!

Thursday, 14 October 2010


Its been one of those times where you just cannot find anything you want to buy. So instead of searching for something 'new', I'm buying the things that I have wanted for ages but not been able to afford or make a decision about! Firstly I have wanted Repettos for so long. They symbolize the perfect classic French ballet flats. To make things a little interesting I went for metallic - still very wearable, but a slight change from my usual black. They are not exactly sturdy, but they are incredibly comfortable.
And I have never had proper luggage, so I went for classic Lonchamp. Its not very big so it certainly forces me to pack light. It can be fitted on top of their wheely suitcases, so that is on the list for the future.
So what is next? It may well be the Isabel Marant boots I have drooled over for so long. I have finally found somewhere in London to get them.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Style Icons: Geraldine Saglio

Sorry I have once again been an awful blogger! I'll start by thanking the people who have been kind enough to follow my blog and actually get something out of it. I never imagined anyone would read it or that there were as many people out there who feel the same way as I do about fashion.

Moving on, I've done a couple of other style icon posts but nothing in a long time. I have been going through a long drought when it comes to inspiration, but this fashion week Geraldine Saglio has come to my rescue. I have long followed her style and admired it but she has really been hitting the right notes this season. She seems to get a lot of criticism from people saying that she is a clone of Emmanuelle, and that she isn't wearing 'cutting edge' things. But frankly, of course she has been inspired by Emmanuelle, but she has made the style her own, and who needs to wear weird and 'wonderful' things to be interesting?

I feel that she incapsulates everything I aim for in a minimal style. Well fitted tee-shirts, flattering skinny jeans, simple but elegant accessories and low maintenance make-up and hair.
I will update again soon with pictures of my latest purchases - I finally bought some Repettos!!!

Monday, 4 October 2010

I die

So much to love about these pictures.
I think it is a coat but I am loving the idea of a wool cape. Is that wrong? I like this Joseph one HERE. A cape or the Isabel Marant bator coat. I need to buy outerwear asap!