Monday, 27 December 2010

Still Here...

Merry Christmas all! I really think I need to make blogging more one of my New Years resolutions....

I have very rarely posted streetstyle shots of myself, I find it so hard to take flattering photos with the self timer, but thanks to iPhones + changing room mirrors, hopefully I can start taking more.

Here is what I basically wear everyday. COS wool peacoat, Topshop jeans, Isabel Marant booties and Vanessa Bruno cabas. The weather has been so awful recently it has been more about survival than style but I love how a great coat can make a look.
Throughout this year I have kept a list of every item of clothing I have bought, and reading it back now is fairly depressing. While I've never been someone to even step foot in Primark, let alone come out with bags full of disposable goods, I am still a bit disappointed! My wardrobe has had so many gaps that I had to buy stop gap pieces, rather than investments. That trend certainly has changed since I got a job, and towards the end of this year I have been able to buy some things that I will love and wear forever. So, I want to continue doing this. I will do a post with a list of the key items I want to buy next year and I'm going to keep the number to around 10 and try very hard to stick to that!


  1. Yes! All those gaps can be excruciating, but what fills them can be as excruciating to face. I did that earlier in the year, and it was painful purging all that from the closet. I had to do it in steps (and there are some steps yet to go...). Three cheers for your job and the sartorial adventures it affords! I can't imagine just 10 pieces, however. But then, look at the beautiful things you already have, right in that picture.

    Love the coat!

  2. Is it just the photo or are your boots in camel?
    I hope you'll blog more often next year. I miss your frequent posts a lot. Your blog is one of my favorites!

    + I think I need your peacoat. I saw it on COS today but didn't try it. The photo of your wearing it is really convincing!

  3. great style...
    i think we need COS here...

  4. You look great! The boots and coat are so perfect! Do you have a picture of the cos boots you talked about a while ago? I'm still very curious;)

    a few hours early but I'd like to wish you a happy new year!

  5. I really like the fact that a few simple pieces can make such a strong look. Love the look! Happy new year!

  6. your whole outfit is amazing, especially the coat. I'm also curious as to how well your repettos are holding up, are you pleased with yours.. i really want a pair.
    happy new year as well!!

  7. Great outfit, very Parisienne! I want to focus my purchases as well. Good luck and I wish you a happy new year!