Sunday, 5 December 2010

French Girl Essentials

Once again I have been a terrible blogger, so thank you to everyone who visits daily in the hope that I might actually have updated! This will be just a quick one but I promise more interesting posts to come.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I am obsessed with the Parisian way of dressing. One item above all has become ubiquitous with all things chic and Paris, and that is the Vanessa Bruno sequin cabas. Spotted on the arms of every self-respecting French girl, I can now finally say I have bought my own piece of that cool.

Meet my cabas, bought at the brand new Vanessa Bruno boutique in London. I love it! Although it has no zip which bothers me slightly, it does have a sizable zip pocket - big enough to secure away the essentials. Plus it is great for this time of the year when you need a healthy supply of warm layers at hand at all times.


  1. ahh the feeling of acquiring something you've been wanting for a long time is amazing! i'm happy for you!

  2. the brown colour looks really nice! I would love to see a whole outfit with your latest purchases, like the IM boots!

  3. ah I've been eyeing this bag when it was on net-a-porter a while ago but I couldn't bring myself to buying it.
    it looks great though.

  4. I'm tagging you to do a post on what's inside your bag! Perhaps in your new cabas? Looking forward to reading your answers!

    xx Fleurette

  5. I adore Vanessa Bruno.. I'm sure you'll get lots of use for the bag.