Saturday, 9 October 2010

Style Icons: Geraldine Saglio

Sorry I have once again been an awful blogger! I'll start by thanking the people who have been kind enough to follow my blog and actually get something out of it. I never imagined anyone would read it or that there were as many people out there who feel the same way as I do about fashion.

Moving on, I've done a couple of other style icon posts but nothing in a long time. I have been going through a long drought when it comes to inspiration, but this fashion week Geraldine Saglio has come to my rescue. I have long followed her style and admired it but she has really been hitting the right notes this season. She seems to get a lot of criticism from people saying that she is a clone of Emmanuelle, and that she isn't wearing 'cutting edge' things. But frankly, of course she has been inspired by Emmanuelle, but she has made the style her own, and who needs to wear weird and 'wonderful' things to be interesting?

I feel that she incapsulates everything I aim for in a minimal style. Well fitted tee-shirts, flattering skinny jeans, simple but elegant accessories and low maintenance make-up and hair.
I will update again soon with pictures of my latest purchases - I finally bought some Repettos!!!


  1. Actually, I very much prefer Geraldine's style over Emmanuelle's, exactly because it's not as "cutting edge". Also, I don't think I have ever seen anyone looking as cool while pregnant, as she did last(?) year!

  2. i like her too...a quiet cool. ;))

  3. she always looks so classic.

  4. I agree, she's been looking really great! Those red leather trousers are fantastic, but her simple looks give me great inspiration for my daily dressing.

  5. She looks great, so simple and chic. Yes, please post some pictures of your latest purchases!


  6. I too prefer Geraldine's style over Emmanuelle's. She's perfect.. every single outfit is inspiring!