Monday, 4 October 2010

I die

So much to love about these pictures.
I think it is a coat but I am loving the idea of a wool cape. Is that wrong? I like this Joseph one HERE. A cape or the Isabel Marant bator coat. I need to buy outerwear asap!


  1. wool capes can look very chic and classic, but maybe it is something you would get tired of quickly as they are very 'in' at the moment, if that makes any sense...
    that joseph one is lovely and warm looking though.
    where would you get the bator coat? i really wanted one but i thought that they were from a winter 2009 or somewhere around then...

  2. ultimate girl crush right there

  3. Oh my! I saw that Sofia bag in the hands of a young woman on the way to the métro. It's really gorgeous but she looked nowhere as cool as Sofia holding it in such a snobby way...Still want it though!

  4. Those bags are just so beautiful! I just love everything Sofia does;)

    I think capes are very chic but I'd still get the bator coat if I were you.

  5. I know what you mean. I'm feeling a great need for a cape right now - but am terrified that I six months I'll just think, yuck...

  6. i'm still trying to find a way to justify buying that Sofia Coppola LV bag, i want it so bad!

  7. Alex - I think I have seen a similar coat to the Bator in the Etoile line, just need to try it on!

    Aissa - I nearly fell off backwards down an escalator drooling at someone carrying the bag, it is amazing!

    badaude - I agree, I tried the cape on and it looks nice but I worry it is a phase...