Sunday, 15 August 2010


I know that right now minimalism is the 'hot topic', but you will have to believe when I say that it is something I have been interested in long before it appeared in the September issue of every magazine. I am naturally drawn to uncomplicated clothes, and I lack the ability to layer in an appealing way. I think it is important to make distinctions when it comes to minimalism in fashion. It can either mean:

- A minimal wardrobe, i.e. owning a very small number of pieces.
- Minimal clothes i.e. each piece is classic/simple/maybe even stark.

Personally I want to combine these ideas. However it was pointed out in a discussion on tfs that it is very hard to achieve minimalism if you own poor quality pieces. I certainly agree with this (to an extent). I think the look is better with well fitted, tailored pieces as perfected by Jil Sander, than with h&m, but I believe it is possible to achieve a balance. The key items like blazers, bags and shoes should be the best quality possible as these are the pieces with the most impact.

When I saw these two images they immediately stuck in my head as perfect illustrations of the philosophy - simple, but in no way boring. Diane has added interest with shoes, whilst Barbara has used texture. Of course the dress is effectively the same shape etc, but they manage to look different.


So, what I want to achieve is a wardrobe with as few pieces as possible. Each piece should be loved and used equally, and it should be possible to match everything. I want to start with a Crombie coat (black), a long sleeve black tee dress, white t-shirts, a blazer and a black mini skirt. Has anyone else seen the Joseph FW collection and wished they owned the whole lot? I think a few pieces from there will help me on my way to minimalism.

I'll talk more about the minimal wardrobe in my next piece. I've made a list of all the things my wardrobe should have, and I'm going to try to only buy things on this list.


  1. i kind of hate that minimalism has become the hot topic in fashion...cause like you, that it how i dress naturally...
    and i hate having lots of clothes as well
    ..joseph is really good this season, they have the most lovely wool cashmere mini skirt on net a porter

  2. i forgot to add that i dont like it when a look a like becomes really 'fashion'

  3. anon - I really love that Joseph skirt, I will definitely try it on because I think it could be 'the' skirt. I have to agree, I don't like how minimalism is becoming universal, but as with every 'trend' for some people it will just be a phase, and for others it will be a way of life.

  4. i like your approach to that! i completly agree with this idea (at least the idea) of minimalism. although i love the concept i'm not able to apply it to my wardrobe, yet.
    i think it's possible to step between the, as you described it, level of jil sander and h&m. i once read that for the few essential pieces in your wardrobe e.g. a great balzer you should spend as much as you can.

    on another note: maybe you are interested in the 4- 5 pice french wardrobe-thread on tfs. have a look, it's really inspiring.