Monday, 16 August 2010


I'm obsessed with this Vogue Germany editorial. Love the hair, the clothes, the attitude - everything!
Source: scanned by helligirl (tfs)

Unrelated: Can anyone tell me an easy way to post larger pictures? When i try to change the width/height it always ends up stretched. Thanks!


  1. That editorial is great indeed! I love the colours in the photos. I can't help you with the lay out, sorry!:)

  2. Really cool ed! "Simply" put together outfits are a breath of fresh air after the whole 80's bling mania.

  3. i love this editorial! love it!

  4. Beautiful- I like the image you used for your header. I must say I adore your blog! I only discovered it last night. I've added you to my roll and my feed-reader!

  5. Beautiful!

    To post larger photos, you should upload your photos on imageshack,us, tinypic, photobucket or somewhere else. Do not upload with the blogspot-uploader, it's not good. Then you should figure out how many pixels the content wrapper (blog posts) is. Let's say, the content wrapper is 400 px, when you add images to your blog posts use the html editor, use this code (remove the space between the code and the < > ) < a href="THE_IMAGE_URL.JPG" width="400px" >

  6. Glad I'm not alone in my love for this ed.

    Stephanie - thank you! Have always liked your blog :)

    Fleurette - thanks! Will give it a go :D