Saturday, 7 August 2010

In the Bag

I always enjoy seeing the contents of other peoples bags so I thought I would show you all what is in mine. My bag is a Marc by Marc Jacobs baby Groovee.
Ok, on the top row we have a rather old London A-Z, a blue and white polka dot pouch that holds my phone and travelcards etc. On top of that is an ancient oat bar thing and tic tacs. Biro and then the flowery pouch has things like hand cream, tissues etc.

Bottom row is my Moleskine planner (love), Vanessa Bruno wallet and i-pod.

Nothing too exciting I'm afraid!

I really feel the need to upgrade my bag...I just don't feel that its really 'me'. To get a good deal on it I had to get it without seeing it, which is rarely a good idea. Its useful and I love having a long strap, but its quite small and when using the long strap the ends of the bag kind of curl up. I saw on the Vanessa Bruno site that a store is opening in London in September (so exciting!) so I think I want to get this bag (Lune), it's bigger and should hold it's shape better. There is also a version with a long strap. I think I want it in a stone colour which is a nice neutral. I was also sort of thinking a PS1....but - expensive! Feel free to give your opinions/suggestions :)


  1. Oh well, I love your mbmj! (I'm also thinking about buying one myself... hehe)

  2. I need this MJ's bag in my life!! x

  3. I love posts like these... just to get a peak of someone's bag! I think it's so reflective of one's personality!

  4. Gorgeous versatile bag! Love how buttery soft the leather looks!