Sunday, 11 July 2010

Surfing on a Rocket

I can now tick another thing off my new year's resolutions list - see Air perform live. It was so insanely hot but the performance was very impressive. They didn't play my absolute favourite songs, but I gained some new ones. I was curious to see how the act would work on stage, and luckily it did. Jean-Benoît was often playing two keyboards at once and singing - no mean feat. Unfortunately I didn't dare take my good camera so these shots aren't the best. The first is of the venue (you can't really see anything, I know, but it was very beautiful). One thing I particularly enjoyed was the screen that played beautiful displays throughout.
And here is just a couple of the many videos I took. The first is 'People In The City' which was one I had never heard before but now I am obsessed with it! The second is 'Kelly Watch The Stars'.


  1. i regret a thousand times missing them when they came to my city. my brother went and saw kirsten dunst... i was so JEALOUS.

  2. Ahh I love AIR and Im going to see them in august, hopefully! Missed their show in oslo last november :(

  3. oh i have yet to se ethem as well...even though they played a block away from me!