Friday, 16 July 2010

Filling in the Gaps

Since reading deadfleurette's F/W planning post, I've begun to turn my attention to making my own list. The weather seems to have turned, going from hot to cold and then back again. When it's winter I dream of summer dressing, but as soon as it's summer I'm desperate for winter again. I certainly prefer the layers and scope of winter. I have also been inspired for a long time by the concept of a 4-5 piece wardrobe, as discussed at length on thefashionspot. Having hundreds of clothes has never really appealed to me, and I've never been drawn to fast fashion. But with constant wardrobe culls (it's a guilty pleasure of mine) I really own very little! So I guess this post is a chance to work through the gaps, and work out a small, but effective list of the things I could buy that would have the most impact. Firstly I'll list what I already own that I am happy with.

- Brown leather skirt
- Powder blue Ralph Lauren shirt
- Assorted long and short sleeve t-shirts
- Cashmere jumpers
- Black ballet flats
- Brown suede ankle boots

Of course I have more but really there is far too little. I am particularly lacking in the trousers. I despise jean shopping, and the pair I've had for the last 5 years have finally given up the ghost. The shops are saturated with things that weren't even nice enough to shift at bargain sale prices, so are hardly the most inspiring places right now. The thing that will totally revolutionize my wardrobe is getting a job (which will hopefully happen sooner or later). I've never had much money to have the clothes I dream of. But money wouldn't lead to frivolity, it would actually increase the planning staging of buying even further - the price of anything has to be justified.

So, what do I want to buy? The latest Isabel Marant show did not grab me at first, but the idea of the cropped and rolled trousers has really grown on me, but the jeans have to work when unrolled as well so that it isn't just a one note look. I usually head to Gap for jeans that last well for the price but there is nothing but dark washes at the moment. Ideally I want black and a lighter side of medium wash. I am wondering if an investment in J Brand is worth the money. I saw a tv show where they went behind the scenes at the J Brand factory, and I was really impressed with the amount of effort that goes into getting every aspect of colour, fit and the perfect amount of bought 'distress'. As I'm short I think a cropped version would hit me on the ankle which is the most flattering length on any height.

Secondly, I am so in love with my Isabel Marant style ankle boots so I really want tons of them! Beige, black, leather, suede. All assortments of ankle boots really, chelsea boots perhaps - a more fitted type that don't just have to be worn over the top of trousers.

I feel that the search for the perfect t-shirt is an ongoing one, but shirts are a lot easier. I really love these American Vintage ones (in white). International online store please open soon!

The most crucial item is a new coat. The last few years I have survived the British winters with nothing but a short wool jacket. I don't think I want to do that again so I will be on the hunt for a coat that falls slightly above the knee. Ideally camel, but I'll settle for black.

I'm really being drawn back to the Isabel Marant look, but with my own take on it. As much as I am really not a fan of Kate Bosworth, I absolutely adore this outfit. I love the skirt.....Not great for winter, but never mind!
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This has turned into a bit of ramble, sorry! I will let you know if I stick to the list or not. I would love to hear other people's lists : )


  1. Haha I'm sorry my list looks almost exactly like yours. We have the same taste I think.

    I like the way kate always wears those boots. But I would like to see those Marant boots with a classic look. I never saw that, did you?

  2. seriously, I just typed an enormous reply and then the internet went crazy and now it's all gone :p anyway, I suspect this winter is going to present me with a major spending challenge (starting at university pretty much equals the start of poverty), so I'll have to give a lot of thought to whatever it is that I want to purchase. I've already made a small list, but none of these items are necessities (I think I have those covered) so if there's no money for a certain item it won't be too much of a problem. But let me get to the point; what I would love to find this winter are a tweed blazer, a black woolen skirt, 2 woolen vneck sweaters (navy & black) and an orange cardigan.

    Oh and about J. Brand, my sister has quite a few pairs of their jeans and she's incredibly enthousiastic about the quality, so based on that I would say they're definitely worth the money!

  3. Robin - Let's hope we both find the things on our lists! I haven't seen many pictures of the boots styled in a classic way, but I think it should work. What im thinking is white tee, navy blazer, jeans and the boots. Still vaguely casual but the blazer would make it smarter. As much as I love the IM aesthetic, I just can't pull off the whole 'I just rolled out of bed' look, so I need to find ways to mix it up.

    mmr - Ah uni does make things hard! You could be like me and forego having fun and buy clothes instead! The things on your list are also things I would like to add. I'd love to add a pop of orange, I think it is nice with brown hair. As long as you have the basics you won't need a mad spend - thats what im hoping to achieve anyway. Its nice to hear a strong vote of confidence for J Brand, i'll definitely try them. Thanks!

  4. Chelsea boots! Have you considered buying some from other brands than Isabel Marant? Marais USA makes some really nice, basic ones that seem very versatile.

  5. I have a perpetual list of things I need too, but I can never find them and thus spend all of summer in too-hot clothes or wearing the exact clothes I already had but need to replace. I'm not interested in impulse buys or owning lots of clothes either - but I do want a good arsenal of classic, chic and quality pieces that are true to my style rather than just trend-driven. The eternal quest!

    I'm also on the hunt for more trousers, jeans and ankle boots, so if you find any good ones let me know!

    And finally, Net-a-Porter gave me a pair of J Brand black skinny Majorette cropped jeans with a zip at the ankle. Because i'm short (5.5" they are actually full length on me, but in a more flattering way rather than being bunched at the ankles like full-length jeans normally are). Although I would never have spent that on jeans before, they really are very flattering and good quality and i'll definitely be buying J Brand again!

    Miss B xx

  6. dahlia - thanks for the recommendation, those boots look cute and practical = perfect!

    agirlastyle - I am exactly the same! Lucky you getting those jeans. I think I will go and try a bunch of them on. I always liked to go for cropped jeans, Im 5'4 so its just the right length on me also!