Saturday, 18 September 2010

Gluttony in London

The most random of posts, I apologize. I have been so busy lately and today was the first time I have done anything at the weekend. I decided to check out Aime in Notting Hill - the premiere destination for French labels. There was so much nice Isabel Marant and APC stuff, but nothing I HAD to have. This was pretty much the story everywhere I went so I consoled myself with all things sugary. Whoever says London doesn't know good food.....

First was a cookie.
Then a Selfridges food hall crepe. Yeah....they don't exactly skimp on the Nutella!
And finally, another picture of pretty coloured buildings.
I am at an annoying point clothes wise - I really need some new things, I have money to buy clothes, but I can't find anything in stores! There are a few things I have seen online - ideally I'd like to try before I buy but needs must!

I did manage to get a chic Longchamp travel bag - very cute and useful, I will take some pictures soon.

As I am so uninspired and have been such a bad blogger, I'm letting anyone still reading my blog decide what I blog about next. Lets hear it!


  1. oelala those are looking delicious! I think it's a pretty common thing, finding nothing when you have the money to spend, and coming across all kinds of wonderful things when you're completely penniless :p the longchamp bag sounds great, I'm curious to see the pictures! I'm afraid I can't help you in the inspiration department, my blog is suffering from my own lack thereof (is that even a decent english sentence?)

  2. it happens to me too... not finding anything i like. it's quite depressing realizing that i'm such a difficult person, but in the end it pays off because it means more money for finer things. :)

    can't wait to see the longchamp bag!

  3. Ooh you're not still in London are you? If you are and you want to catch up, let me know! And don't worry, I'm always getting distracted by the sugary snacks when I can't find what I want in the stores.

    As for the next post, maybe your favourite treasures or things to do? I always love the personal stories.

    Briony xx