Sunday, 22 August 2010

The Master List

I have been trying to come up with the ultimate list of everything my wardrobe needs. Now it is complete, I am going to see how faithfully I can stick to it! The items are pretty basic, so I hope that when I finish (ha) I can supplement it with more interesting pieces.

- White short and long sleeve tees [American Vintage]
- White blouses
- Stripies
- Cashmere crew neck sweaters
- Fitted cardigans

- Black sweater dress (x) [COS]
- Black long sleeve tee dress [T by Alexander Wang]
- Going out dress

- Brown leather skirt (x) [Zara]
- Black mini skirt [Joseph]
- Black skinny trousers (x) [Gap]
- Mid blue skinny jeans
- Denim shorts
- Black shorts

- Black wool coat [Sonia by Sonia Rykiel or DKNY]
- Leather jacket or an asymmetrical jacket]
- Trench coat
- Blazer - either navy wool or a lighter grey/tweed

- Wolford tights
- Cashmere scarves
- Cashmere gloves
- Leather bag [Vanessa Bruno]
- Black Ferragamo flats (x)
- Suede/leather booties [Isabel Marant and Les Petites Parisiennes]
Have I missed anything crucial off? I'm thinking I will start possibly with the boots, the white t-shirts (I only own one long sleeve tee!!) and other essentials like the tights and jeans. I'll let you know if having a list like this works.


  1. Perfect list - I especially LOVE those boots! Don't forget, a girl always needs underwear as gorgeous as the outerwear so stick that on the list too.

    I need to do this myself, Fall is fast approaching!

    And love the new header btw.

    Miss B xx

  2. Beautiful boots & great list! I would also add a silk scarf to the list as I find they always add a special something to any outfit if if it's tying it to your bag.

  3. Love the list and think it's pretty much spot on, maybe add a piece of jewellry to accessories, like a cocktail ring or brooch maybe? Also if you find the perfect long sleeved tee let me know, so hard to track down!x

  4. Good list! I love these kind of posts! A lot of things are on my list,too;) I'm curious about the Wolford tights. I always by mine at H&M and haven't tried more expensive ones (yet). I wonder how much better the quality is.
    That skirt by Joseph is perfect! I'm looking for a black skirt, too. Currently I only have black bandage skirts, I'd like to have one that is a bit less tigh fitting and doesn't creeps(not sure if that's the right word?) up everytime.


  5. i really love your list!
    however, at least to me, black shirts are missing.

  6. I want suede leather ankle boots too. I'm still looking for the perfect pair.

    When I was at galerie lafayette I saw all those beautiful leather bags from Vanessa Bruno. But I also like the 'Cabas'.
    Great list!