Saturday, 24 July 2010

Good Grooming

I was having a discussion the other day with my friend (and future blogger!) about resolving to be better groomed. This is something I have always meant to get round to doing on a permanent basis but have never actually succeeded.

For me, good grooming is about the following things. Firstly, hair. I am sooo insanely lazy when it comes to my hair. I am lucky enough to have pretty low maintenance straight hair, which I usually allow to dry naturally and then brush a bit. I find it looks so much better if I brush it when its wet so it doesn't dry with knots, and also taking the time to blow dry really makes it look nicer for longer. So if I'm leaving the house from now on I will always blow dry my hair.

I am not really keen on wearing make-up but I would like to wear lipstick every now and then. Skin is so important to having a groomed appearance. I have been using a cleanser everyday for quite a while now, which is a start. Yesterday I bought a facial moisturiser (from the same Latvian brand 'Madara' as my cleanser) so I'm hoping by adding another step to my skincare routine, my skin will keep getting better.

I do enjoy painting my nails. Chanel's ' Particuliere' is my favourite classic colour, as well as Barry M's 'Raspberry' . I will try to either have bare nails or painted ones - no leaving the polish on until it is horribly chipped!

I don't think good grooming is just about hair and makeup, clothes are essential in portraying a certain image. You can have beautiful sleek hair and perfect makeup, but if you're wearing a hessian sack, then you will still look like a mess. This image from Jalouse really sums up the look I want to go for. Simple neutral lips and an even skin tone, and the hair is that perfect blend of natural but with a bit of effort. I've never had long hair, and at the moment it is about as long as it has ever been....I wanted to see how it would look long but in reality it probably does look better above the shoulders, so I definitely need to book a hair cut. Clotheswise - they should fit you well and be clean!
The person who exemplifies good grooming for me is Olivia Palermo. I love how she sticks to a few key hair and makeup looks, but pulls each off perfectly. I don't think I'd ever want to spend hours on achieving absolute perfection every morning, but to make a definite effort is something to aspire to.
Ok I've gone on a bit! So tell me, what is good grooming to you? How much of an effort do you make everyday, and is it worth it?


  1. For me, it's all about a clean, natural look. And it's also the reason I rarely paint my fingernails - it seems to chip too fast and I'm too lazy to repaint it!

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  2. I must confess I spent around half an hour every morning doing my hair and makeup (nothing over the top, just a better version of myself). On top of that, I make sure I always have a light golden colour, clean hair, and painted nails (although I'm guilty of letting them chip too much), and clean, neat clothes.

    It makes such a difference - not only to how others perceive you, but how you feel about yourself.

    P.S. thanks for linking me lovely! I have done also :)

    Miss B xx

  3. I wonder how Olivia Palermo does it. I think the motivation to put effort comes from how you want the public to perceive you... if she's in the public eye all the time, with the title of 'socialite', I think she's more inclined to WANT to look good... some people don't need to prove anything, for example, Charlotte Gainsbourg who doesn't need makeup, polished hair nor show obvious expensive labels that she wears. I prefer Charlotte Gainsbourg's effortless beauty and attitude.

  4. I'm terrible at grooming, mostly because I don't care much about it. As long as my clothes are clean, mascara is applied and my basic hygiene is taken care of, I'm ok. Sure I use a bit more make up every now and then and if I really feel like putting in an effort I'll even go 'wild' with my hair, but the thing is, when I do this I often feel uncomfortable, to the point of feeling like a fake, which is ridiculous but still ;) My sister ridicules me for my lack of what she calls 'a natural girly affection for grooming' but I'm guessing it isn't going to change anytime soon :p

  5. I let my hair air dry (it's naturally wavy) and make sure my eyebrows look decent, and add a little mascara...I don't use coverup or any type of concealer. Less is more to me. I feel most beautiful knowing that other people see me for what I really look like, which is not a cake face!

  6. I paint my nails red and I use blush and mascare plus perfume every day.My weak spot is my hair that usually end up in a pony tail on top of my head.I take good care of my clothes