Saturday, 31 July 2010


I'm another year older, but now I can finally say I own a 'forever' piece. As it was an important birthday I was fortunate enough to be given these (scroll down!):

I love them, they are so classic and they have been on my wish list for a loooong time. I can honestly see myself loving them as much in 40 years time, as I do now. Good shoes are the cornerstone of a good outfit (I think) so I feel ready to build on the rest of my wardrobe with things I will enjoy wearing forever.

What was the first truly memorable thing you bought/were given?


  1. omg, happy birthday! the flats are gorgeous, definitely a forever-piece unless you damage it :p

  2. i have always loved those shoes! happy birthday:)

  3. Happy birthday!! The flats are lovely!

  4. happy birthday!!!!
    yes you will love them forever! ;)

  5. I know im one post late...but those are just lovely..i feel the same about a pair of chanel ballet flats i have. even though i got them 3 years ago i still love them.
    happy birthday and you have a really great blog

  6. OMG! Happy Late birthday! Have always adored those shoes myself and am currently trying to save up for either those or some Chanel flats!Enjoy the shoes xx

  7. Sorry i'm late, but Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a wonderful time?

    And how was London? You're not still here are you? What were your favourite things?

    LOVE the flats - I really want them too. The first important thing I remember buying were a pair of Marc Jacobs shoes that I got on ebay for a fraction of the price a season later. After that it was my Chanel bag (still my biggest and favourite investment, although it was sadly stolen a few months ago).

    Miss B xx