Friday, 28 May 2010


I'm starting to feel a little more inspired for summer now, and I'm finding these screencaps of Jane Birkin from the movie 'La Piscine' are capturing my mood perfectly. I want something relaxed and simple, particuarly plain white tees or shirts with denim. Today I managed to get some cuffed denim shorts and some slightly crazy sandals which you can see HERE. I usually like very plain things but I think summer is the one time you can get away with it. So I am almost set! Now I really want to find some lightweight shirts.
Credits: flickr (eatenbythemonster2)/


  1. i love jane's sunkissed hair and skin, it really makes her basic outfits more summery and effortless.
    im much like you, i wear basic pieces in the summer but end up being a lot more adventurous with shoes!

  2. wonderful screencaps! I love her style so much! I want those sandals in green! I was planning to buy them after I returned from Berlin but by the time I wanted to order they were sold out:(
    Btw, I really enjoyed your "My Style" posts! My staple items aren't much different than yours! I have the same perfume too haha;)

  3. magdalyn - it's the hair that really makes it, isn't it? If I only I could perfect that!

    heart in a cage - It is great that a movie from 1969 can have clothes that feel just as fresh and modern today.
    Maybe you will get lucky on ebay with the sandals, I never saw the green ones in store but they looked very cool.
    And thank you! I know from your blog that you have great style so that's very nice of you to say :-)

  4. lol i was actually thinking about taking one of these photographs to my stylist to duplicate it