Sunday, 23 May 2010

My Style

A while back on Garance Dore's blog there was a post entitled '10 things about your style'. I really enjoyed reading her and her reader's lists, sooo I have started my own, and I will add more in the future.

1. Stripes are a staple. I couldn't live without them - summer/winter, it doesn't matter! This is just a sample of my collection, but I think the search for the perfect stripy will last a lifetime. Here from left to right there is Monoprix, Monoprix, COS and Petit Bateau.
2. The only trends I follow are the ones Peter Philips tells me to! (from l-r: Nouvelle Vague, Ming, Particuliere and Black Satin)
3. I'm a one bag girl. I can use the same bag everyday for years. At the moment it is a Marc by Marc Jacobs Baby Groovee. I find the long strap so practical, I hate having to keep pushing short handles back on my shoulder.
More to come! Would love to hear other people's lists. What items or looks define you?


  1. I agree with the stripes and bag-thing. Really love your blog, because we have the same taste in style and fashion.. Can't wait to read the rest of your list!

  2. Thank you so much! Glad I am doing something right, it's hard to know.

    You must have great taste ;-)

  3. I am truly envious of the red and white striped tee. it is perfection. Clearly I must go to Paris to get one!! BTW, you will be happy to hear this but stripes are fast becoming my new favourite pattern... have massive need to buy more stripy things as I am getting bored of florals.

    You know how much I love lists so I really love this post!

  4. Isabel - Im glad to hear I have turned you from a stripe hater to a lover. Weirdly enough I am liking florals now but haven't found the right type.

    Don't worry we can devote the whole summer to finding you a red stripe top :-) Miss you!

  5. Stripes are good. I'm drawn to handbags, the style, the texture, the lures me right in. And then I drive myself crazy because I get in a boy mood where I don't want to carry them.

  6. Stripes are the best. I must have about 4 pretty much identical blue and white breton tops! And ballet shoes are another of my must haves.