Saturday, 1 May 2010


I have always believed in the principle of buying the best you can afford, and sticking to classic pieces, but only now do I feel I have reached an age where I know what suits me, and what I like to wear. Deciding on investment shoes and bags is easy, but clothes always seems a bit trickier to me. Accessories can easily lift an entire outfit, and bags in particular age well and can take a lot of use. Whereas clothes can shrink in the wash or get tears, so where is it safest to invest your money? I've composed a small list of examples of items I think might be worth spending a little extra on.

Firstly, going back to a previous post about blouses - I really like the look of this James Perse one, I will have to see how much it is in the UK, in America it is so much cheaper. Although white can quite easily become grey, given shirts are usually made of tougher fabric then tees for example, hopefully I could get a lot of wear out of a piece like this.
The stores I go to seem not to have picked up on the a-line skirt trend, so I am drawn back to the reliable 'body-con' skirt. This James Perse version is fairly classic but has an interesting twist with the slight draping. However it is almost certainly not worth £130, so I am considering the basic skirts on offer at Wolford. I am in love with my new tights, so hopefully the skirts are as soft and flattering.
Now, this dress is a definite for me. It is from American Vintage - a French brand who do beautifully soft jersey basics. This dress would take me through summer and would also be suitable for layering in winter.
Finally - ballet flats! I have had a black pair of French Soles for 2 years now, although they probably need resoling on the heel (and cleaning!) they are in very good condition, so I would not hesitate to buy another pair. Silver would work well for summer and also I'm hoping it might look alright with black tights too. Opinions? / bodandted / French Sole

So tell me, what items do you consider investments?

One thing I forgot to mention is jackets/coats. Living in such a cold climate they become invaluable, and 5 months+ out of the year they are all anyone sees, so it is another item worth investing in, in my opinion.

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