Monday, 26 April 2010

Risaku Suzuki

How beautiful are these photos? I came across the artist through a magazine article about Sofia Coppola, who has one of these photos on her wall. I just love cherry blossom, they have the power to make even the ugliest street into something beautiful. I like this extract from the site I got the photos from:

"The impressive blooming of the trees after winter symbolizes hope and strength, but as the petals fall, one is reminded of the fragility of beauty and life itself. Suzuki's painterly photographs evoke the sensation of passing time within the permanence of the photographic frame. Suzuki captures the trees without a context or narrative, grasping the physical structure as the essence of the symbolism. The viewer is engaged with a place beyond the visible."


  1. STUNNING. I love Cherry Blossom too. I completely agree, it does have the power to make anything beautiful. I spend my whole Spring constantly taking photos of it. Absolutely beautiful. I will be saving them all. I'm really glad you have this blog, I love it, it always shows me such inspiring things!

  2. I adore this photographer. So beautiful.