Friday, 2 April 2010


Today I spent the day in London which was a lot of fun. Especially as I ate a lot of delicious food and explored a new area.

The day started off with a trip to the new Pierre Herme counter in Selfridge's food court. There I bought 3 chocolate macarons, as alas there were no vanilla.
Then I was incredibly tempted by the other offerings in the food court and had to give Lola's cupcakes a go.
I settled on a mini Gu cupcake. The icing was amazing! Unfortunately the cake was a little dry.
Then it was off to Brick Lane for the American Apparel sale but it had been cancelled! So instead my friend and I wandered around this area that I had never been to before.
We passed the All Star Lanes on Brick Lane and went in to the cool retro diner and had milkshakes. I would highly recommend them, I had chocolate and it was certainly chocolatey!
A shot of an empty Spitalfields market:
Some random Easter bunnies!
I'll show you tomorrow what I bought at COS.

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