Friday, 23 April 2010

London 3

I had a very welcome break from studying yesterday and needed to be in London early so I decided to spend the afternoon doing what I love, shopping and eating! First stop was Covent Garden which has the best COS. It's huge so you get a good selection, and the top floor has mostly mens and some women's party clothes, with sofas so it almost feels like shopping at home. There were loads of great pieces, I came in looking for a skirt...and came out with a long sleeve tee. Typical! It's really nice though, and as much as I need trousers/skirts, I also need tees. Somehow I only have 3 and one has loads of wholes in and the other 2 have shrunk. I really like how this one is really long in the body, is made of light material, and there is no hem on the body - it makes it quite Rick Owens-esque.
And I finally got some Wolford tights! I know warm weather is upon us, but again - my tights all have wholes and I've been promising to buy these for so long. They get such rave reviews so I hope they are worth the money.
Finally I had a lunch stop at Ed's Easy Diner in Soho. I had a chocolate milkshake, chicken and fries. The fries have changed and were a little disappointing but the rest was delicious. The prices are good and the service is also very fast.

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  1. the Tee's perfect. It looks like the ones Isabel Marant makes but, no doubt, at a fraction of the price.