Saturday, 17 April 2010

London 2

I have had such a great time today out in London, and enjoyed the most beautiful day of the year so far. The day started with a trip to Aubaine which is a French restaurant in South Kensington. I've been twice before and everytime it has been amazing! We had a great spot to people watch, there were so many well dressed people walking around, way too many nice handbags, which made me incredibly jealous!
The restaurant is decorated beautifully, very typically French.
I went for the onion soup, which is the first time I've ever had it. It tasted very nice but I couldn't finish it. The promise of a pastry made me restrain myself!
After being presented with a slate block full of mouth watering pastries, I decided on an eclair for the second time in a row. It is absolutely the best eclair I've ever had, so full of a chocolate custard on the inside.
Afterwards there was a trip to the Conran Shop and King's Road to enjoy the sun.
I had to take a picture of these houses, the colours are so pretty.
This trip reinforced one thing for me - I have to have a Celine bag! I saw them in person for the first time and the totes are so wonderfully classic.


  1. Aubaine looks so delicious! Also the house pictures are stunning- I need you camera in my life (after graduation perhaps..?)

  2. the food looks delicious! I wish I was in London right now!

  3. I just read about Phoebe Philo in British Vogue and she was talking about the bag, I have not seen one yet but they sound divine..... so anti-it bag. Love the London pics, one of my favorite places, lucky you !!!

  4. Thank you! I know i am very lucky to live in London!

    The Celine bags are just amazing, I totally agree Mandy - the anti-it bag. Pity they are so painfully expensive. I read that the prices are going to decrease eventually - they just cost so much to begin with to create exclusivity I think....we'll see if that actually happens...