Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Future Trends

If I had to pick two trends for next fall/winter they would have to be camel coats and fur vests.
Camel coats have popped up everywhere at fashion week. From models..


to editors..

But it all started on the runway with Celine.

And then Dries Van Noten
I think that they are sufficiently different from the typical black wool coat to make them interesting, without being a colour that is incredibly difficult to work with. A winter coat has to be versatile otherwise it's not worth buying. I will definitely be on the look out for one. They look great against all black outfits, and would work with jeans, and any colours you would normally wear with a trench coat.

Fur vests also seem to be making the rounds, in particular this Isabel Marant version. I can't say I was attracted to the unusual pattern when I first saw it on the runway, but it has certainly grown on me. To me it work best over a leather jacket, but personally I will stick to a solid colour vest!

Stockholm Streetstyle

What do you think about my picks? Are they too trendy and will fizzle out quickly, or are these future classics?


  1. Completely agree with you about the camel coat. I've actually been looking for the perfect one for a year now.. I found one from MaxMara but they didn't have it here where I live. I wonder how much the one from celine will cost. I guess it's totally out of my price range.

  2. Thats such a shame that you couldn't get the coat. I hate when you find the perfect one and then can't get it. Im sure the Celine is very expensive unfortunately, though apparently the prices are going to decrease with each collection. Maybe in about 20 years they will still have a camel coat that I can afford!