Monday, 19 April 2010

Changing Styles

I am going through a period of not having any clue what direction my style is going in, which is incredibly frustrating! Recently I have been trying to go for a more relaxed and casual look by wearing looser, rolled cuff chinos etc as opposed to skinny jeans, but I'm beginning to think that maybe it just doesn't work for me. The kind of outfits I always feel comfortable and think I look good in are when I'm wearing black tights, a mini skirt, either a tee or a shirt and a coat. I guess it is pretty obvious that I should stick to this look if I feel my best in it, and maybe I should go back to that. I've been trying to gather some images that inspire me, and I think these fit the bill:
Firstly I can't say I would mind have such beautiful hair. No matter what Im wearing, if I think my hair looks horrible, I won't feel good.
For tops I think I want either slightly loose linen tees or blue or white shirts, preferably Ralph Lauren.
My biggest fashion dilemma is trousers! Do you think it is possible to have a wardrobe that doesn't have jeans in? You can easily get away with wearing the same jeans everyday, but do people notice more if you wear the same skirt repeatedly? I love the look of these black pants but I'm certain my legs wouldn't look this good, and I always worry about becoming too attached to black trouser when they are going to end up all faded eventually. So, really I need a nice black mini skirt and a couple of pairs of Wolford tights. I've been saying I need them for ages but I need to finally get round to buying them!
I already have one pair of French Sole (black leather with patent toe) and they surprisingly have worn quite well, so I wouldn't hesitate to buy another pair. I love the look of metallic shoes, silver and gold can be just as much of a staple/basic as black.
Besides flats, I of course need to stick to boots, they instantly make me feel good.
/tfs scanned by 1karina1/creaturesofcomfort/newscom/french sole/?/

Basically I think the most appropriate style - the one thats most 'me' is one that is more on the prim and proper side. Slightly fitted shirts, skinny trousers or shorter skirts, neat ballet flats or ankle boots, and very importantly - a beautiful coat/blazer or jacket.

So - how did you decide on the style that suits you best? Do you think you should just stick to one kind of a look, or is it ok to experiment?

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