Sunday, 25 April 2010


You would have thought that something as simple as a white blouse would be easy to find, but for some reason, it's impossible. This 'the Row' shirt posted on Jak & Jil is as close to perfection as a white blouse can get to.
But I was pleased to see this Zara version in their May lookbook. Wonder what the odds are of actually finding one are!
So my question is, am I the only person who finds the basics hardest to actually find? It seems like many brands feel the need to add some extra detail, when all I want is a plain white shirt. Or maybe I am just too fussy!


  1. I have the same 'problem'! I've been looking for the perfect white blouse for months! Maybe I'll find a nice one when I'm in Berlin next week...
    I love the COS shirt in your last post!;)

  2. Thank you!
    I hope you find one and have fun in Berlin :)

  3. you are not alone at all! the row really hit the nail on the head as far as what was needed in high fashion.. if you dont want to pay that much for basics, have you tried james perse? the fits are great

  4. I have a James Perse tee I really like - just had a look at what shirts they have for s/s and they are just right! Thanks for the tip off Magdalyn!

  5. I think plain is hard to do well, because there are no bells and whistles to hide careless execution. Zara's white blouses, for instance, are sometimes too sheer, even if the design is what I am looking for. I haven't found a perfect white blouse either...

  6. kiki de montparnasse, though a luxury lingerie brand itself, has the perfect white shirt :) erin wasson wore it to an event paired with denim shorts and it looked great! it is described on their site as loungewear but it's so well made it could easily pass as smth you would wear on the street :) and it's a bit cheaper than The Row'version which is of course great but .... or if you have the patience to check out Zara from time to imte i'm sure you could find a decent version of course :)